Children’s Orthodontist

Many people believe that if left alone, their child’s teeth will straighten out naturally as they grow. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. In most cases, the amount of room available in the mouth for teeth to move will only get smaller after a child’s permanent molars erupt in the mouth. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children begin early screening for orthodontic treatment at the age of 7. This is a perfect age as most children will have at least some of their permanent teeth, allowing the orthodontist to fully evaluate them. Beginning treatment as early as possible can have the most beneficial results and minimize the expenses and duration of treatment. An experienced orthodontist can help to influence the growth and development of the child’s bite, which helps to prevent costly future problems.


There are many unique advantages that invisible braces offer. The biggest, of course, is that clear braces are discreet and can be worn without anyone knowing you have them on. Invisalign can also take less time to correct your bite than other methods, like traditional metal braces. On average, invisible braces need 12 to 18 months to correct your bite. This is generally much less time than other types of braces. Clear braces can even be more comfortable than their traditional counterparts. This is because Invisalign® straightens your teeth gradually, using clear aligners. These aligners change your bite pattern slowly over time as you wear them. Every two weeks or so, the patient gets new aligners that are only slightly different from the last ones. You can order clear braces at

In addition to comfort, Invisalign® offers the utmost in convenience. The aligners can be removed to make eating much easier. While those with traditional braces are often instructed to avoid certain foods, people who choose invisible braces can eat anything they would like! There is never any chance of being embarrassed by food caught in your braces, the way there is with metal braces. Invisalign allows you to live the same full life you enjoy.

There are certain orthodontic problems which can’t be fixed with Invisalign. The best way to find out if Invisalign is right for you is to see Mesa Orthodontics. We can provide advanced orthodontic services for you.